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Welcome Dr. Robinson!

My name is Tarrynce G. Robinson and I am honored to join you as the new superintendent of our esteemed school district! 


In education, the term ‘equity’ refers to many things but central is the fact that all students and staff have a voice and that voice is heard and respected. District leaders address equity with a series of conversations about what it means to make sure every child gets what they need to succeed.

Facility Planning

Our goal is to develop a long-range facility plan by engaging all stakeholders in a collaborative facility planning process.  Together, we will be charged with making recommendations to the School Board.

Deeper Learning

We must provide students with purposeful, authentic learning experiences in an environment that is equitable for all.  For us, when students are in schools where they are valued and know they belong, and they are empowered to learn things that interest them, they work harder.  That is our theory of action and why we do this incredibly important work.


We're providing the resources, you decide what is right for you and your family. Resources include mental health supports, food and clothing resources, and community programs.


Looking for a school district that inspires students to excel and teachers to create motivational learning opportunities? We'd love to hear from you. Our District strongly encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply.  We are strengthened by diversity and committed to equity.

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