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Severe Weather and School Closings

While it is the intent of the District to offer a regular program of classes on every school day, as residents of Wisconsin, we recognize the need to make special preparations for the safety and welfare of students and staff when faced with severe weather conditions.

Communication of School Closure or Early Dismissal

In the event of school closure or early dismissal, an automated email and telephone call will be placed to all parents and staff.  Local television and radio stations will also be notified.  Information will be posted on the district website, school websites, social media, and on school and District telephone messages.

Planning Ahead

It is important to recognize that all eventualities cannot be planned for in emergency weather situations.  However, anticipating these events, helps lessen their impact and inconvenience.  

  • All telephone numbers and email addresses should be accurate on Skyward Family Access.  Parents are responsible for this information.  For assistance, contact the School Main Office.

  • In the event of early dismissal, determine where your child should report if you are not at home.  All emergency contact information should be listed on Skyward Family Access.  For assistance, contact the School Main Office.

  • Be reminded that that parents make personal decisions regarding those few winter days when school is in session and they feel it is in the best interest and safety of their child to remain at home.  To report an absence, contact the School Main Office.   

Beyond the School Day

In the event of school closure or early dismissal, schools and facilities are also closed for all activities beyond the school day.  This includes Recreation (e.g., Action 330, Action 300, Rec classes, Rec sports, etc.) and school activities (clubs, practices, and sporting events).