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School Safety

SRO’s and Local Law Enforcement 

Our West Allis-West Milwaukee School District has a close relationship with the West Allis Police Department. They are exceptional partners in the day-to-day safety of our schools. They advise us regularly and are integral to our training and preparation.  It is extremely common to see a squad parked in front of our schools for non-emergency reasons. These officers work with us to build strong relationships with students.  They help us be proactive in our approach to a variety of issues related to health and safety such as drug and alcohol prevention. 
Our district works closely with our local law enforcement in the City of West Allis, New Berlin and in the village of West Milwaukee to maintain the safest learning environment possible. Our administrators thoroughly investigate and report to our local law enforcement any behavior or comments that could create an unsafe environment. 
We have full time SRO's at Hale Central, WMIS, and another who splits time between Dottke and FLW and supports our elementary schools. These officers are primarily in our schools to bridge relationships with students and help mediate situations in the community that spill over into schools. They also help us in our efforts to keep schools safe. 
Meet Our WAWM SROS’s