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WAWM Hosts District Solo & Ensemble Music Festival

On Saturday, March 2, 2024, students from area schools participated in a Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA) sanctioned District Solo & Ensemble Music Festival hosted at West Allis Central High School. During the festival students performed vocal and instrumental solos, duets, trios and small ensembles before an adjudicator.  There were 12 performance sites, nearly 500 events performed during the day by over 500 musicians.
Photo: waiting to play (courtesy of Amy Eastham)
Students from Central, Nathan Hale, Dottke, Frank Lloyd Wright, Lane, and West Milwaukee as well as eight neighboring districts were at the festival.  According to West Allis-West Milwaukee School District Orchestra Director and Music Coordinator, Mary Pat Michels, “It is an honor to host this event. We are always excited to welcome students from all over southeastern Wisconsin.  Everyone works hard to prepare and we’re proud of our results!  I am especially grateful to my music teachers who helped with planning and logistics, for our WAPD that supports us during the day, and for the parents and staff members who volunteer to help run the event.”
Photo: Our first Solo-Ensemble Festival ~ FLW 6th Grade String Choir (courtesy of Mary Pat Michels)
Photo: FLW 8th Grade Orchestra, Mary Pat Michels directing (courtesy: Daphne Leigh)
West Allis - West Milwaukee District Medal Totals:
West Allis Central High School earned 103 gold, 39 silver, 4 bronze for a total of 146 medals
West Allis Nathan Hale High School earned 218 gold, 33 silver & 9 bronze for a total of 260 medals
Frank Lloyd Wright Intermediate School earned 207 gold, 48 silver, & 5 bronze totaling 260 medals
West Milwaukee Intermediate School earned 44 gold, 10 silver, & 4 bronze for a total of 58 medals
Note: Dottke’s medal count is included with Hale & Central as those students are dual-enrolled.
The District Total Medal Count was 572 gold, 130 silver, 22 bronze equaling 724 medals.
Photo: sisters (courtesy of Kelly Norton) & proud to qualify for state (courtesy of Brenda Burant)
Qualifying for the State Festival at Cardinal Stritch ~ May 6, 2023:
West Allis Central High School: 15 events: 14 solos & 1 ensemble
West Allis Nathan Hale High School: 38 events: 27 solos & 11 ensembles
The following students will perform solos at State at Carroll University on May 4, 2024.
From Central Orchestra:
Simon Pratt (Violin solo), Sean Rivera (Viola solo), Shaelynn Smith (Violin solo), Olivia Williams (Cello solo); Symphonic Strings String Choir (Shaelynn Smith, Elizabeth Schrader, Elizabeth Ivancic, Kylee Chapman, Alyssa Donegan, Victoria Becerra-Avilla, Maddie Lamprecht, Emily Hernandez-Gonzalez, Bridget Done, Adele Conklyn, Jessica Sheets, Sean Rivera, Olivia Williams, Alexandra Gunkel, Arianna Reyes, Luciana Moreno, Devin Williams)
From Central Choir: 
Lilia Hurtado (Musical Theater solo), Cameron Jenkins (Musical Theater solo), Madilyn Marshall (Musical Theater solo), Iris Musack (Musical Theater & Tenor solos), Ethan Pawlak, (Musical Theater solo), Eleanor Szalacinski (Musical Theater & Soprano solos)
From Hale Band:
Jaz Lang-Brown (Flute solo), Jordyn Hull (Flute solo), Luke Swirth (Oboe solo), Clarinet Ensemble (Amber Sobczak, Djurdja Davidovic, Ceyana Acevedo, Kaylee Koney, Adriana Arneson, Daniel Schossow-Johnson, Samyiah Harper, Analeis Plagge, Zach Jens, Ana Davidovic, Seth Frank); Flute Ensemble (Jaz Lang-Brown, Ashley Petrovick, Katto Sells, Meli Mercado, Kenzie Dent, Liana Dow, Samyiah Harper, Jordyn Hull, Amber Sobczak, Lanaya McKenzie, Savannah Byrge); Brass Ensemble (Nate Hutter, Brae Bigelow, Riley Strysick, Ethan Plier, Aliyana Strelow-Reaves, Nick Oleinik, Eli Pavlik, Creed Racsek, Brady Lewek, Cian Pendergast, Oz Barbaria, Zach Jens, Addison Durfee, Landon Hejdak, Ben Geboy); Jazz Ensemble (Eric Harvey, Nate Hutter, Landon Hejdak, Connor Cliff, Ethan Plier, Zach Jens, Amilcar Moreno, Eli Pavlik, Liam Devine, Lorelei Nabak, Addison Durfee, Ava Roberts, Daniel Schossow-Johnson, Cian Pendergast, Gavriilia Fyrogeni, Amber Sobczak, Brae Bigelow, Bailey Slade, Ana Davidovic, Creed Racsek, Will Zagzebski, Djurdja Davidovic, Oz Barbaria, Preston Plier); Jazz Combo (Eric Harvey, Amilcar Moreno, Daniel Schossow-Johnson, Nate Hutter, Ethan Plier, Zach Jens, Gavriila Fyrogeni, Ava Roberts, Preston Plier, Will Zagzebski); Symphonic Percussion Ensemble (Will Zagzebski, Preston Plier, Nate Hutter, Ava Roberts, Lanaya McKenzie, Brynn Rowe, Ava Schmidt, Alex McMillin)
From Hale Orchestra:
Brae Bigelow (violin & viola solos), Gavriilia Fyrogeni (bass solo), Henry LaLuzerne (violin solo), Mackenzie Lotze (violin solo), Sarah Norton (viola solo), Ava Roberts (piano solo), Leo Roberts (cello solo); Concert Orchestra String Choir (Brae Bigelow, Rosary Dominguez, Emma Dominguez Medina, Mikel Jones, Brianna Kendall, Kaylee Koney, Henry LaLuzerne, Mackenzie Lotze, Elena May, Hailey McCarron, Molly McMillin, Maya Noach, Leah Norton, Nicholas Oleinik, Venicia Roberts, Kaylee Schultz, Tierny Sormrude, Luke Swirth, Katlyn Trader, Noah Vanderhoef, Elizabeth Walter, Alayna Yang, Kamora Luckett); Symphonic Strings String Choir (Brae Bigelow, Anthony Burger, Micah Davis, Liam Devine, Emily Eastham, Seija Freiberg, Gavriilia Furogeni, Anna Koney, Aria Kuenzli, Henry LaLuzerne, Ethan Maldonado, Alex McMillin, Sarah Norton, Eve Ortiz, Nolen Rausch, Leo Roberts, Ava Roverts, Bailey Slade, Walker Sorce, Luke Swirth, Charlotte Taylor, Sarah Taylor, Hser Wah Audrey Werra, Melody Xiong)
From Hale Choir:
Brook Buccholz (Soprano Solo), Brooke Crowley (Soprano Solo), Asialina Grootemaat (Musical Theater Solo), Olivia Gross (Musical Theater & Alto Solos), Clara Haass (Musical Theater Solo), Samiyiah Harper (Musical Theater & Alto solo), Kaya Hernandez-Schoof (Musical Theater Solo), Robin Krajewski, (Musical Theater Solo), Spencer Ours (Musical Theater & Tenor solos), Michael Scrip (Tenor Solo), Zoya Mumtaz & Robin Krajewski (Vocal Duet), Michael Scrip, Martell Laska, Jacob Geboy, Julian Martinez (Vocal Quartet), and Vocal Ensemble (Samyiah Harper, Bronwyn Piper, Brook Buchholz, Lila Rodriguez, Clara Haass, Robin Krajewski, Kaylyn Murphy, Daelyn Tvrdik, Kaya Hernandez-Schoof, Olivia Gross, Elianna Tatum, Brooke Crowley, Elice Mahnke, Christina Dykstra, Hallie Knurowski, Ashley Petrovick, Lydia Chew) and Madrigal Ensemble (Olivia Gross, Clara Haass, Samyiah Harper, Kaya Hernandez-Schoof, Krystal (Wilbur) Kamine, Aiden Kennedy, Jaz Lang, Elice Mahnke, Zoya Mumtaz, Kaylyn Murphy, Spencer Ours, Bronwyn Piper, Georgia Proeber, Ayden Sandoval, Bailey Slade, Elianna Tatum, Daelyn Tvrdik, Liam Thoen, Asialina Grootemaat)
Photo: Hale Madrigal Ensemble, Katy Radiske directing (courtesy: Lisa Grootemaat)
The Solo & Ensemble Festival Program for which WSMA is most well-known draws in more than 100,000 students each year, representing every county in the state of Wisconsin! “I still have my Solo & Ensemble medals” is a statement regularly heard by WSMA staff from generations of festival participants who take pride in this long-time tradition, which creates memories and skills for life. Through the Solo & Ensemble experience, students learn the discipline of rehearsal, are challenged to advance their musical skills, perform in front of an audience and adjudicator, and receive feedback on their performance. Those that perform at the highest level (Class A) at a WSMA District Festival have the opportunity to receive a 1* (one-star) rating which advances them on to State Solo & Ensemble Festival. Each year over 32,000 students (11,000+ events) qualify at district festivals to perform at State Solo & Ensemble festival making this event one of the largest of its kind in the nation. These students represent the student talent and high quality of music programs in Wisconsin’s schools.
Photo: Hale Symphonic Strings, Cathy Kolb directing (courtesy: Katie Freiberg)