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Summer Music Lessons

Each summer our Music Department offers private music lessons for current students as well as those registered for performance music classes in the upcoming school year.  Summer lessons are a great way for students to develop their skills and prepare for the coming school year.

Those who are currently renting instruments school for band and orchestra will be able to use their school instruments for summer lessons. (Teachers will assist new students in obtaining an instrument.)  Guitar students will need to provide their own guitar for home practice and lessons. Piano students should have a piano or keyboard at home to practice, but a piano is available for the weekly lessons. 

All lesson environments will follow our current school district guidelines regarding PPE and social distancing.  Fask Masks are required for all participants.  Appropriate band and vocal PPE will be provided by teachers if a student doesn’t already have it.  Band and Voice lesson rooms will also have air purifiers.

Register now to take advantage of this great opportunity!  

Band, Guitar & Piano Summer Lessons
Strings & Orchestra Lessons
Voice Lessons