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Summer Music Lessons

District Summer Music Lessons Registration Deadline is May 25th.
Summer Music Lessons are offered for our students on all string/orchestra instruments, all band instruments, as well as guitar and piano. Lessons are taught at Frank Lloyd Wright Intermediate School by our WAWM District Music Educators. Continue your music education during the summer or get a head start on learning how to play your instrument if you’re joining band or orchestra in intermediate school. This is also a great time for high school students to work on a secondary instrument.
Lessons are in two sessions of four or three weeks and you may sign up for both sessions and receive a discount if you sign-up for both right away.
Instruments for students enrolled in WAWM schools and registered for orchestra or band are available for rental on a limited basis. 
For more information contact:
Mary Pat Michels, Music Lead
Bob & Judy Halat, Summer Band Teachers
(Band, Guitar, Piano)