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District Music Festivals 2024

Our Music department celebrated Music in Our Schools Month with three all district festival concerts often referred to as the “All City Concerts” last month.

On March 6th, the Orchestra Festival was directed by Cathy Kolb (Hale, Hoover, Walker), Mary Pat Michels (Central, FLW), Kelly Schultz (West Milwaukee, Mann, Pershing, Jefferson), and Erin Griffin (Irving, Mitchell, Franklin, Wilson), with Ijoister Pyle-Harris as guest conductor and 400 students performing for over 2000 family and community members.  “I was honored to be asked to be part of this festival.  The teachers and students worked so hard and having been involved in planning these large-scale events for MPS over the years, I can attest to the planning and organization it takes to put on one show and the WAWM Music Team presents three festival concerts in just two weeks! I had a great time and was very proud to be asked to guest conduct.” (Ijoister Pyle-Harris, Milwaukee Public Schools Music Teacher Leader)
Photos:  West Allis Central Orchestra students setting up all the music stands, Elementary Orchestra with Mr. Pyle-Harris, Guest Soloist with the Intermediate School Orchestra, playing “The Typewriter” with the High School Orchestra (Dr. Robinson, Ms. Wicihowski, Mrs. Michels, and Dr. Lexmond), Combined District Orchestras.
On March 7th, the Band Festival was directed by Kristi Wicihowski (Hale, Walker, Irving, Hoover), Heather Gandre (Central, Franklin, Jefferson, Mitchell), Kate Easton (West Milwaukee, Pershing, Mann), Sarah Goldner (FLW), Luke Daniels (Wilson) and more than 500 students performing for over 2000 family and community members.  At all three festivals, retired Superintendent, Dr. Marty Lexmond came to promote the new Marty Lexmond Music Education Scholarship. He and three students collected donations in our “bucket drums” to provide financial support for our young musicians.  We are excited to announce the first group of recipients in May at our spring concerts.
Photos: 5th & 6th grade Band, 7th & 8th grade Band, High School Band, sharing information about the Marty Lexmond Music Education Scholarship Announcement, Combined Bands Rehearsal, 5th graders celebrating with Ms. Wicihowski after the concert with clean-up efforts in the background.
On March 20th the Choir Festival was directed by Katy Radiske (Hale, Mitchell), Andi Franklin (Central, West Milwaukee), Summer Kleppek (FLW), Robin Uttke (Jefferson), Shannon Shimoyama (Mann), Darlene Moore (Pershing, Franklin), Scott Greger (Irving), Shannon McLimans (Walker), Luke Daniels (Wilson), & Christine Trampusch (Hoover) with Alumna (Madison, FLW, Hale) Alyssa Roberts as piano accompanist, and over 700 students singing for over 3000 audience members. 
Photos: Combined Choir Rehearsal, Elementary Chorus Kids, Mrs. Roberts (accompanist & WAWM Alumna), Intermediate Choirs, High School Choirs, Combined Choir Concert and Audience
Special thank you to our District Music Educators who prepared their students for these events that showcased our award-winning music education program and all the district staff and parents and guardians who helped chaperone the festival rehearsals. The District Prelude Strings Concert will be held on May 22nd at West Allis Central High School in the Auditorium and features 200 of our youngest violin and cello students.