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District Music Festivals 2022

March is Music in Our Schools Month and our district celebrated a return to in person music performance in a very special and very big way with three All District Music Festival Concerts !
On March 9th, the Band Festival was directed by Kristi Wicihowski (Hale, Walker, Irving, Hoover), Heather Gandre (Central, Franklin, Madison, Jefferson, Mitchell), Kate Easton (West Milwaukee, Pershing, Mann), Noah Manke (Lane), Ken Fabis (FLW), Lydia Clough (Longfellow, Wilson) with WAWM retirees Bob and Judy Halat and more than 500 students performing for over 2000 family and community members.  
“We loved working with the WAWM band students and their teachers.  It was a joy to be asked to chaperone our former elementary schools on the bus ride to morning rehearsal, hear my (Judy’s) composition performed by 5th grade and then everyone as a surprise, and to be able to see the work of former students and student teachers in the district we have always called home was heartwarming.” (Bob and Judy Halat, guest conductors & retired WAWM band teachers)
2022 Band Festival
Photos: Combined District Bands (5-12th grade), 5th grade percussionists, Bob & Judy Halat, High School Euphonium & String Bass
On March 17th, the Orchestra Festival was directed by Cathy Kolb (Hale, Hoover, Longfellow), Amy Andrews (Central, West Milwaukee, Irving), Kelly Schultz (Walker, Mann, Pershing, Jefferson), Erin Griffin (Madison, Mitchell, Franklin, Wilson), Mary Pat Michels (FLW, Lane), with WAWM retiree Steve Rindt as guest conductor and 500 students performing for over 2000 family and community members.  
“I was honored to be asked to be part of this festival.  The teachers and students worked so hard and having been involved in these every three years for my entire career in WAWM, I can say this is one of the best festivals presented by our Orchestra department. I had such a great time and was very proud to guest conduct.” (Steven Rindt, Guest Conductor, Retired WAWM Orchestra Teacher)
2022 Orchestra Festival
Photos:  Combined (4-12th grade) Orchestras, Mr. Rindt with High School Orchestra, Mrs. Michels greets the audience, Intermediate School Orchestra receives their applause.
On March 31st, the Choir Festival was directed by Talia Hyatt (Hale), Katie Troyer (Central, West Milwaukee), Emily Neuberger (FLW), Andi Franklin (Lane), Robin Uttke (Jefferson), Lydia Clough (Longfellow), Shannon Shimoyama (Mann), Darlene Moore (Pershing, Madison), Scott Greger (Irving), Shannon McLimans (Mitchell, Walker), Emily Rohde (Franklin, Wilson), & Christine Trampusch (Hoover) with Alumna (Madison, FLW, Hale) Alyssa Roberts as piano accompanist, and Sandi Smith (Lane choir/orchestra grandma) as our interpreter and over 700 students singing for over 3000 audience members. 
2022 Choir Festival
Photos: Elementary Choirs (Mrs. Uttke), Intermediate Choirs (Ms. Neuberger), Ms. Smith (ASL), Brooke Thielman (Longfellow 4th grader), High School Choirs (Mrs. Hyatt), Combined (3rd-12th grade) Choirs (Ms. Franklin)
Special thank you to our District Music Educators who prepared their students for these events that showcased our award-winning music education program and all the district staff and parents and guardians who helped chaperone the festival rehearsals.