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Science: 9th-12th Grade

Laboratory Skills

I can read and interpret a variety of charts and graphs.

I can understand the role of the scientific method in experimental design by thinking like a scientist.

I can follow lab safety rules and can perform basic lab techniques.

I can read metric measurements and can perform measurement conversions.

Life Sciences

I can explain the role science plays in the study of life.

I can describe how all living things are interconnected.

I can explain how human activity affects the biosphere.

I can describe how organisms obtain and use energy.

I can explain how DNA contributes to life processes.

I can explain how systems and processes work together to support life.

I can explain how information is passed through generations.

I can describe how genetic information can be used to make predictions.

I can describe how life has changed over time.

I can describe how structure and function are related in living things. 

Physical Sciences

I can identify the difference in physical and chemical properties and changes.

I can identify the difference between elements, compounds, and mixtures.

I can understand atoms, including the location, charge, mass, and function of protons, electrons, and neutrons with respect to the nucleus and energy level.

I can understand the periodic table and its arrangement and trends.

I can understand different types of solutions and how to separate them.

I can describe the motion of an object in terms of position, time, and velocity.

I can analyze the motion of an object in terms of velocity, time, and acceleration.

I can relate the motion of objects to a frame of reference.

I can use Newton’s first law to explain the motion of an object.

I can use Newton’s second law to relate the force, mass, and acceleration of an object.

I can explain that forces act in pairs as described by Newton’s third law, and determine the kinetic and potential energy in a system

I can relate the motion of objects to a frame of reference.

I can relate the strength of the gravitational force to the distance between two objects and the mass of the objects.

I can describe the factors that affect the electric force.

I can determine kinetic and potential energy in a system.

I can describe conservation of energy in terms of systems.

I can demonstrate an understanding of mechanical waves in terms of general wave properties.

I can describe the nature of electromagnetic radiation and visible light.