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Career and Technical Education: 6th-12th Grade

‚ÄčI can think and work creatively to develop innovative solutions to problems and opportunities.

I can formulate and defend judgments and decisions by employing critical thinking skills.

I can communicate and collaborate with others to accomplish tasks and develop solutions to problems and opportunities.

I can consider, analyze and apply an awareness of self, identity and culture to identify skills and talents.

I can identify the connection between educational achievement and work opportunities in order to reach personal and career goals.

I can create and manage a flexible and responsive individualized learning plan to meet my career goal.

I can identify and apply employability skills.

I can assess the benefits and challenges of working in diverse settings and on diverse teams.

I can access, interpret and evaluate information from a variety of sources in order to inform and support premises, arguments, decisions, ideas and initiatives.

I can use available information and communication technology to improve productivity, solve problems and create opportunities.

I can apply leadership skills in real-world, family, community and business and industry applications.