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Health & Physical Development

  • ​I can manipulate small objects with control.

  • I can use my senses to explore and learn.

Social and Emotional Development

  • I can share my feelings and the feelings of others.

Social and Emotional Development, Approaches to Learning

  • ​I can work or play with others.

  • I can share what makes myself and others unique and special.

Language Development and Communication, Approaches to Learning, Cognition and General Knowledge

  • I can share my ideas, ask questions, and respond to others.

Language Development and Communication

  • ​I can find, move, or compare spoken sounds in words or word parts.

  • I can use letters, sounds, environmental print, and/or picture cues to read printed words.

  • I can use pictures or words to represent my thoughts or ideas.

Cognition and General Knowledge

  • ​I can make comparisons between objects (items, numbers, etc) I have collected or observed.

  • I can count, name, and write numbers.