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Curiosity, Engagement and Persistence

​I can follow limits and expectations.

I can follow 3 step directions.

I can share and take turns with others.

I can cooperate with others in creative play and purposeful learning.

I can positively resolve conflict with others.

I can follow the group plan.

I can be curious about and willing to try new and unfamiliar experiences and activities.

I can use objects in pretend play as they are used in real life.

Fine Motor Skills

​I can use a proper pencil grasp.

I can cut using scissors appropriately.

I can draw a picture of myself with a head, body, arms, hands, legs, feet and facial details.

I can color in the lines.

I can string large and small beads/other small objects.

I can button, zip, buckle and lace.


​I can identify the parts of a book.

I can hold a book and turn the pages correctly.

I can recognize sounds that match and words that begin or end with the same sound.

I can recognize the difference between letters and other symbols.

I can recognize letters and their sounds in familiar words, especially in own name.

I can sequence a story or event.

I can recognize and repeat rhyming words and actions.

I can make some letter/sounds connections and identify some beginning sounds.

I can recognize and name some capital letters.

I can recognize and name some lower-case letters.

Self-Help Skills

​I can take care of my own needs appropriately.

I can recognize my own first name.

I can state my first and last name.

I can tend to toileting needs independently.

I can tend to dressing needs independently.

I can form successful peer and adult relationships.

I can verbally advocate for myself.

Mathematical Thinking

​I can rote count to 20.

I can count 10 objects accurately.

I can identify quantities of “more”, “less” and “same/equal”.

I can identify basic 2D shapes.

I can identify the next number in a sequence of 1-10.

I combine sets of objects to 5.

I can identify all of my basic colors.

I can sort by one attribute.

I can make an AB pattern and extend a pattern.

Writing Application Skills

​I can use writing to represent thoughts or ideas (pictures and/or words.)

I can use writing tools to make marks.

I can write my first name correctly.