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Mission - Vision - Equity Beliefs


Every day, the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District focuses on equity through deeper learning, fosters a sense of belonging, and educates the whole child so that every learner achieves success.  


The West Allis-West Milwaukee School District aspires to create experiences that build community and empower learners so they can live life on their own terms.

Equity Beliefs

The West Allis-West Milwaukee School District believes…
  1. Eliminating inequities begins with each of us; we see students as people with assets and aspirations and it is our job to help them realize their goals and dreams.
  2. Together we are responsible for the prevention of unmet potential, supporting students’ social emotional growth, and overall organizational improvement by eliminating inequalities and acknowledging our own biases.
  3. We will engage students in authentic and rigorous learning through curricular materials, instructional practices, and assessments that are free of discrimination and bias and are culturally responsive.
  4. Together we create a service oriented culture of excellence where success for each student and all relationships reflect our core values (Trust, Integrity, Respect).
  5. Student involvement in all organizational programming is representational and equitable.
  6. The Deeper Learning Competencies (Master Academic Content, Problem Solving/Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Self-Directed Learning, Academic Mindset) will drive instructional planning to increase equitable opportunities for all students. 
  7. We will analyze data in order to support resource allocation and funding. All district policies, procedures, and funding are aligned with our Equity Non-Negotiables and are used to create equity for all. 
  8. We will empower and intentionally seek feedback from ALL families in their student’s education, school planning, and District decision making.
  9. We will always persevere in serving students, even when a student lacks home support, guidance and/or requisite knowledge; fails to exert the expected effort; and/or refuses to adhere to the code of conduct.
  10. Every staff member is part of an intentionally designed educational team that co-plans together, sharing knowledge and expertise to better educate each child through co-teaching and purposeful collaboration. 
  11. We will recruit, employ, support, retain, and continually develop a workforce of racially conscious and culturally competent administrative, instruction, and support personnel.