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In education, the term ‘equity’ refers to many things but central is the fact that all students and staff have a voice and that voice is heard and respected.  Equity also refers to the fundamental principle of fairness.  Inequities occur when biased or unfair policies, programs, practices, or situations contribute to a lack of equality in educational performance, results, and outcomes.  Leaders in our District move forward to address equity with a series of conversations about what it means to make sure every child gets what they need to succeed.

“Every child in our District comes to school with unique abilities and talents -- we are all rich in culture and heritage.  We’re talking publicly because we want the education we provide to be inclusive.  We want all students to develop the knowledge and skills they need to live life on their own terms when they graduate,” explains Assistant Superintendent, Deidre Roemer.

“Over the past three years, our District has focused on Deeper Learning as the pathway to equity. We’ve developed our Equity Beliefs which are the foundational beliefs that frame our work for all learners and our greater community. We are responding to the unique challenges and barriers some students face.”

“It’s about making sure all of our students are well-prepared for a world defined by new technologies, economic shifts, and profound social challenges,” adds Superintendent, Dr. Marty Lexmond.  “Our focus on equity is about providing a learning environment that promotes personal excellence for all.”