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Life Insurance

Employees eligible for participation in the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) are eligible to participate in the Group Life Insurance Program. The District pays 100% of the premium for the Basic level. Employee pays for any additional levels. 


  • If you do not enroll when initially eligible, you may have an opportunity to enroll with a qualifying life event. 
  • You may also apply for coverage at any time through Evidence of Insurability.
  • You may decrease or cancel coverage at any time.

Coverage Levels

  • Employee Coverage: You may select up to five units of Employee coverage. Each unit of coverage is based on your highest annual WRS earnings, rounded to the nearest $1,000.  Your coverage level will automatically increase if your salary increases.
  • Spouse and Dependent Coverage: You may select up to two units of Spouse and Dependent coverage. Each unit insures your spouse for $10,000 and each of your children for $5,000.  You must be enrolled in Employee coverage to elect this level of coverage.

Retirement Benefits

  • Continuation of coverage at retirement or termination with at least 20 years of WRS service (eligibility requirements must be met).
  • Employees are no longer required to pay premiums for Basic coverage when they turn 65 and are retired.
  • Supplemental and Additional units end at 65, if retired.

Beneficiary Designations

You should review and update your Beneficiary Designation with each qualifying life event. If no form is on file, death benefits will be paid according to the statutory standard sequence (see designation instructions). You are responsible for returning it to the Department of Employee Trust Funds.