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Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is available to all eligible employee groups working 20 hours or more per week. 

Short Term Disability  (100% paid by Employee)

Short Term Disability plan provides income protection during the first 60 days of an accident or illness. The benefit level cannot exceed 66 2/3 of your salary. 
You are required to complete and submit the “Evidence of Insurability” medical questionnaire if you enroll 30 days after your employment date and/or apply for a $357 benefit or higher.  

Long Term Disability (100% paid by WAWM)

Long Term Disability (LTD) provides income continuation at a rate of 66.33% of pre-disability annual earnings. You will be automatically enrolled in this benefit, no application necessary. LTD goes into effect 60 calendar days after the first day of an accident or the fourth day of an illness.