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Our Brand

Applying our Brand

All graphic projects not identified below, utilizing our District’s visual identity must be approved by the Communications Department. To submit your request, please contact: Amanda Stewart (

Our District Name

West Allis-West Milwaukee School District

Our Approved Logos

The most important factor in our visual brand consistency is knowing what logo to use. For all district communications, the primary logo (horizontal / vertical) should be used. The secondary logo should be used in cases that require a condensed situation.

Approved Colors

As well as a need for various logo orientations, color consistency is crucial to our brand.



Along with logo use, fonts are an important part to our brand consistency. To keep visual communication consistent, our district has adopted a common font to use across communication platforms.


District Letterhead

District letterhead may be used for all correspondence. If you need customized templates for your school, department, or office, contact the Communications Department
Please ‘Make a Copy’ for your use.

Business Cards

If you would like to request individual or department business cards, please contact the Communications Department. We have templates for both digital and physical business cards that we would be happy to work with you on.

Google Slides Template

If you would like to use our District Google Slide Deck for any of your presentations that are district related, please ‘Make a Copy’ for your use.

WAWM Master Google Slide Template

Flyer Templates

If you would like to use our WAWM Flyer Styles for any of your documents/flyers that are district related, please ‘Make a Copy’ for your use.

WAWM Flyer Style Document Templates

Email Signature

If you would like to use our district email signature template, please follow these instructions.


Social Media Process and Toolkit

WAWM Social Media Toolkit

Each school has ‘official’ secure social media accounts set up for their school. For access to an existing or new social media account, please contact Tess Thomas (