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Notice of Directory Information and Refusal Form

On an annual basis, the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District must notify parents, guardians, and eligible students (age 18 or older) of their right under state and federal law to withhold release of any or all “Directory Data” information. “Directory Data” is defined as the following information:
-Telephone Number
-Date and Place of Birth
-Major Field of Study
-Dates of Attendance
-Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
-Weight and Height of members of athletic teams
- Degrees and Awards Received

On occasion the district receives requests for the name and address of students for purposes such as recruiting for schools or to solicit for memberships in youth organizations. If you do not wish the District to disclose any “Directory Data” regarding your child or children, please complete a Notice of Directory Information and Refusal to Release Directory Information.

If the District does not receive this form within 14 days, the District may disclose “Directory Data” to anyone who requests it without the parent’s consent.

Under the No Child Left Behind Act, if the District does not receive parent notice to withhold directory data information; the District must disclose the following information upon request:

Name and addresses of students expected to graduate during the current school year to colleges/universities and technical schools.

Names, addresses and telephone numbers to branches of the Armed Services including Air Force, Army, Marine Corp, National Guard, and Navy.

For additional information, contact the Superintendent's Office at 414-604-3005.